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Week 5 Story

Once upon a time deep in the jungle, there was a quaint little village that seldom saw visitors from the rest of the world. This village was very tight-knit and everyone knew each other. Sons and daughters grew up to follow their parents' occupations, food and water were plentiful, and the village was at peace. Though the village was well off, not everyone was happy.

There were three childhood friends whom had been born and raised in this village and they were not happy. They did not want to take up their parents' trades and were tired of being in the same old village so they decided to head away on a journey. The people of the village came together and helped the three prepare for their adventure. They sent them off and bid them good luck. The three friends then traveled the world and saw fantastic sights, met extraordinary people, and learned of amazing new languages and cultures. They climbed mountains, crossed oceans, trudged through swamps, and braved barren deserts. Thro…

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